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Sights of Ukraine

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The only attraction of the Kozelshchyna is the monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The monastery was built in 1882 by the Kapnist family in honor of the recovery of their daughter from a serious illness near the chapel on their estate with the icon of the Mother of God Kozelshchina. Learn more

Buki (Kiev region)

A family of local entrepreneurs involved in agribusiness has turned an abandoned pioneer camp into a kind of landscape park. Despite the fact that their residence is located here, access is open for polite tourists - you can stroll around local attractions and places of interest. Learn more


In the winter of 1918, a detachment of 24 cadets of the Bohdan Khmelnitsky Kiev Military School after the battle with the Bolsheviks near Kruty retreated in the direction of Kiev. By rail they managed to get to Bobrik station, and then on foot the junkers reached the small village of Letki. There they were sheltered by local residents, but already at dawn Muravyov’s detachments entered the village and the cadets entered another unequal battle. In this battle 20 junkers died, the Bolsheviks executed 4 more prisoners. In Letki Brovarsky district is their mass grave. Learn more


Once it was a village located near Kanev on a high hill above the Dnieper. The village is practically no longer there and now Trakhtemirov is a regional landscape park on the right bank of the Dnieper, a kind of cape crashed into the waters of the modern Kanevsky reservoir. A very picturesque and interesting place in the Cherkasy region. Learn more


A serious historical attraction of the Brovarsky district in Rusanov is the ancient Russian settlement of the 10th century. This is one of the elements of the defense network located along the river. Trubezh and other rivers to protect Kiv Rus from enemy raids. In addition, there are other interesting places, such as a mini-zoo and a kind of Cossack farm. Learn more

Red Kut

The small village of the Gadyachsky region Chervony Kut is interesting for tourists because it is the place where the Gadyatsky Sites are signed. Therefore, the corresponding attraction of the Gadyachsky district is located here, which includes a commemorative sign, information stands and an equipped resting place. Learn more

Malaya Berezanka

Malaya Berezanka (Ukrainian - Mala Berezanka) is not a particularly large village in the Zgurovsky district of Kiev region. The most interesting attraction in the village. Malaya Berezanka is a wooden Cossack church. Learn more


The village of Mezin in the Chernihiv region is known throughout the world for the fact that there was discovered a Paleolithic site of ancient people. Mezin is a very interesting place in Chernihiv region, recommended for visiting. Learn more

Miklouho-Maclay Museum in Baturin

Historical and Cultural Center "Sails of Miklouho-Maclay". Doubtful from the point of view of architectural value, the building includes not only what was so lacking in the tourist Baturin - a hotel and restaurant - but also a new museum dedicated to the traveler Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay. Learn more


All the most interesting in the city of Kremenchug in the Poltava region is concentrated in the area of ​​the river station. If you want to see the sights of Kremenchug, you can safely go directly there. Of the rarely seen attractions, there is an unusual rock on which flood levels are noted, as well as many other attractions. Learn more

Eristovsky GOK

Beyond the slightest doubt, Yeristovsky GOK is one of the most interesting places in the Poltava region. Here the rock is blasted, crushed, and then pieces rich in iron are extracted with magnets. The rest is waste. Ore is transported on special "technological roads" by BelAZ trucks - special huge mining trucks. From behind the rear wheel of BelAZ, a minibus peeps out - a gazelle. Where else would you see this? Learn more


A local attraction is the archeology memorial of the Goroshin hillfort. Not everyone can convey the beauty of these places through photography. Only being personally in place can one really appreciate the scale and beauty of the local landscapes. Learn more


Once in Gadyach Lesya Ukrainka was visiting her relatives - her mother was from there and subsequently built her own estate there. From Gadyach, Lesya wrote a letter to her Bukovinian friend Olga Kobylyanskaya, “There is a garn here, the horizon is wide ... It is advisable to swim and just do it with your hands, if you can; I’m gonna read, roam, I’ll beat you up with Schuman and Chopin ... My sisters ... show you the whole outskirts, give me a glimpse of such Ukraine, as well, Ukrainian dumb. ” Learn more


Landmark with. Makoshino, Chernihiv region - an ancient Russian settlement on the banks of the river. Gum. Learn more

Battlefield of Konotop

In the summer of 1659, near Konotop, the Cossacks of the hetman Ivan Vygovsky inflicted a crushing defeat on the Russian army. This interesting place is located directly at the village. Shapovalovka Konotop district. Learn more

Great Bagachka

The administrative center of the Velikobagachansky district - Velikaya Bagachka - will delight the interested tourist with extraordinary natural landscapes and unusual sights. Learn more

The most interesting cities of Ukraine

  • Kiev
  • - The capital of Ukraine, in the past - the capital of Kievan Rus. In Kiev, there are such attractions as the main Orthodox churches and cathedrals of Ukraine. The central street - Khreschatyk - after the war was rebuilt in the style of the Stalinist Empire. In Kiev, there are a significant number of interesting museums and architectural attractions of different times.

  • Lviv
  • - Polish-Ukrainian city with preserved medieval buildings


Kharkov is a city of large squares, spacious streets where old and newest buildings coexist together. Kharkov is an industrial city. Kharkov is a student city. Kharkov is an international city. Kharkov is worth a visit to see firsthand its attractions.

Learn more


"Smile! You are in Odessa," say Odessa, and that's true. Odessa is the Black Sea gate to Ukraine. This is the country's largest commercial port, and a large industrial city on the sea, and an important recreation center that attracts tourists with sunny beaches and shady streets. Odessa is located at the crossroads of cultures, >

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Long sights of Ukraine

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