Transcarpathian region

Transcarpathian Obba ( Ukrainian - Transcarpathian region ) is the most western and one of the most compact regions of the country. Transcarpathian region became part of the Ukrainian SSR in 1945, as a result of World War II. The history of the Transcarpathian region is here , the geography of the Transcarpathian region is here .

Sights of Transcarpathian region

  • Beregovo - thermal pools
  • Vinogradov - Hungarian town, architecture of the XV-XVII centuries.

Goryansk rotunda
Goryansk rotunda

A unique attraction of the Transcarpathian region, a monument of ancient Russian architecture, preserved in its original form. Frescoes of the XIV century. Goryanskaya rotunda located near the city of Uzhgorod, in the village. Goryany.

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  • Koson - thermal pools "Kosino"
  • Mukachevo - the famous Mukachevo castle and not only
  • Nevitskoye - the picturesque ruins of the castle
  • Uzhhorod - the administrative center of the Transcarpathian region
  • Chinadievo - Saint Miklos Castle
  • Yasinya - ski resort Dragobrat

Sights of the Transcarpathian region

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