The capital of Ukraine - Kiev ( Ukrainian Kyiv , eng. Kiev ) - is perhaps the most European city in the country, and shady boulevards and avenues turn Kiev into one of the most picturesque corners of the planet.

Kiev sights

Kiev is a big city, the capital of Ukraine and the center of the Kiev region , located ... Stop. This is so everyone knows. No, of course, if you have never been to Kiev, haven’t read any guides and websites, haven’t watched TV, etc., with time I’ll surely outline for you a page with the main interesting places and sights of Kiev. But for now, let's talk about something else.

Gradually, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, I will try to write about less well-known interesting places in Kiev than Khreschatyk, Maidan or Gorodetsky’s house. I do not pretend to be the discoverer of laurels, nor to a comprehensive description of this interesting city, but simply make my selection of places in Kiev that would be interesting to visit.

I am not going to adhere to strictly expressed topics in the descriptions. It can be anything: an architectural or historical memo, or it can be a museum, or a restaurant, or just an interesting corner of the city, from which a wonderful view of the Dnieper and, say, Troieschina opens ...

Interesting museums and exhibitions in Kiev

Sofia Kiev XXI century

You have a chance not only to observe how an outstanding sacred attraction appears on the map of Kiev, but also to participate in its creation! In Kiev, the construction of the majestic temple - Holy Resurrection Cathedral. Learn more

In addition to centuries of history, architectural monuments and the best educational institutions of Ukraine, the city has a huge number of restaurants and nightclubs. Here you will satisfy any gastronomic tastes. Moreover, in winter Kiev is no less beautiful than in summer. Welcome!

Interesting places in Kiev

Interesting houses in Kiev

Other sights of Kiev

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