Zhytomyr Oblast

Zhytomyr region is located very close to the capital, so it is well suited for weekend trips in search of more and more attractions.

  • Zhytomyr - the administrative center of the region

TOP-4 attractions of the Zhytomyr region

1. Korosten . There are a lot of interesting places in the city of Korosten: the military-historical complex Skala, a monument to Prince Mal, the baths of Princess Olga, the picturesque Chkalov Park over a rocky river, etc. And there is also a wonderful Derunov Festival. More details

2. Ovruch - an ancient city in the Zhytomyr region, which boasts many attractions. More details

3. Berdichev . The city of Berdychiv, Zhytomyr region, in the past, is an important Polish-Jewish city. Berdichev's interesting places and sights are the Carmelite monastery, an Orthodox church, Jewish shrines. More details

4. Radomyshl . The historical and cultural complex "Radomysl Castle" - an interesting place in Radomyshl in the Zhytomyr region - combines several historical roles - fortification, ancient manufactory, icon museum, sculpture park, hotel ... More details ...

Sights of the Zhytomyr region from A to Z

  • Andrushevka - Tereshchenko manor and other attractions
  • Bazaar - a memorial to the shot soldiers of the UNR army
  • Baranivka - the famous Baranovsky porcelain
  • Berdychiv - various attractions
  • First Brow - the ruins of Uncle M. Rylsky's estate
  • Verkhovnya - the palace of E. Ghana and O. de Balzac
  • Volitsa - a former landowner estate, now a school
  • Volodarsk-Volynsky - Museum of precious stones, park
  • Voronevo - the remains of a hydroelectric power station
  • Gorodovka - church of St. Clara of unusual architecture
  • Gorodnitsa - St. George Monastery and Park
  • Guiva - Himmler's reinforced concrete bunker
  • Gulsk - fort with bunkers and a well, part of the "Stalin Line"
  • Denishi - mansion, dam, old oaks and rocks near the river. Black grouse
  • Zhytomyr is an interesting city that deserves a separate story due to its many attractions.
  • Zhubrovichi - an 18th-century wooden church
  • Ivnica - an abandoned arboretum and the ruins of the estate
  • Kamenny Brod - wooden church and bell tower
  • Kmitov - Museum of Fine Art and Old Manor
  • Kodnya - the grave of executed Haidamaks, a temple in 1841, a monument to Shevchenko
  • Korosten - many diverse sights
  • Korostyshev - several diverse sights
  • Kraevschina - wooden church
  • Hazel - manor and temple of the XIX century
  • Lubar - church, monastery, rocks, pond
  • Malin - monuments to the underground, partisans and Miklouho-Maclay
  • Mezhirechka - a wooden church of the 19th century
  • Narodichi - 1910 park with an area of ​​4 hectares
  • Nemirovka - the place of death of Prince Igor, a memorial sign
  • New Chertorya - a manor with an arboretum on the high bank of the river Sluch
  • Novograd-Volynsky - several diverse sights
  • Novoguyvinskoe - tank factory
  • Ovruch - a significant number of diverse attractions
  • Lakes - St. Michael's Church and the bell tower (security - in question)
  • Olevsk - an ancient temple of the defense type and other interesting things
  • Alder - the remains of a park with 160-year-old trees
  • Ostroh - DOT Stalin Line
  • Pavoloch - in the past, an important Cossack town. More precisely - Cossack-Jewish. Pavoloch will delight the interested tourist with numerous historical sights.
  • Polessky nature reserve in the Zhytomyr region - this is pristine nature, mushrooms, berries.
  • Potapovichi - park XIX in an area of ​​25 hectares.
  • Potashnya - ancient oaks over 500 years old, spring
  • Radomyshl - a popular tourist complex in the old building of the former paper mill
  • Raygorodok - park of the XIX century. with an alley of 200 year old fir
  • Stag beetle - an abandoned Kornitsky estate.
  • Romanovka is the house-museum of M. Rylsky, who lived here.
  • Ruzhin - church, church and old manor.
  • Rudnya-Zamyslovichskaya - the famous "Stone Village"
  • Ryasnoe - a wooden church built in 1771
  • Selezovka - a settlement of the Zhytomyr region, from which routes begin on such natural attractions of the region as the Polessky Nature Reserve
  • Slovechno - Museum of Partisan Glory. Here there are documents, photographs, weapons, personal belongings of the partisans.
  • Soloveevka - an old wooden church
  • Old boiler house - an ancient settlement
  • Stepanovka - a park of the XVIII century. with 150 year old trees
  • Terekhovo - memorial museum of the English writer J. Conrad
  • Axes - a semi-destroyed church and the remains of a sugar factory owned by the Tereshchenko family
  • Trigorye - orthodox monastery, granite quarry
  • Trokovichi - a wooden church in 1790
  • Troshcha - an ancient park with 200 year old trees
  • Troyanov . In pre-revolutionary times in with. Troyanov was the estate of the Voronichi family with the estate, but to this day nothing has survived from them. Only on the site of the dam remaining from the former water mill on the river. Rotten a small waterfall formed - a peculiar landmark of the village.
  • Turchinovka - an old manor from the time of the Russian Empire
  • Tyutyunniki - a beautiful ( oh? ) Ancient park
  • Ushomir - a park of the 19th century, the church of St. Nicholas
  • Khodorkov is still a little-known interesting place in the Zhytomyr region for those who are interested in former landowner estates.
  • Chervona Voloka - quarry, an old Polish manor
  • Chervonoe is a neo-Gothic palace. Currently owned by the UOC MP.
  • Yaropovichi are somewhat distinguished from other sights of the Zhytomyr region, here - not only the ruins of landowners' estates, but also another type of interesting places - the ancient settlement.

Sights of the Zhytomyr region by region

In total, there are 22 districts in the Zhytomyr region . And in each you can find something to see.

Sights of Zhytomyr region

All sights of the Zhytomyr region . Descriptions, photographs, maps, and other data. Sights of the Zhytomyr region are represented mainly by estates, temples, nature reserves and stone quarries.

Sights of the Zhytomyr region

On the territory of the Zhytomyr region, individual very modified buildings of the times of Kievan Rus and Christian style (Orthodox and Catholic) religious buildings of the 16th-20th centuries have been preserved. Secular architectural heritage is demonstrated by palaces, administrative buildings, park structures and monuments of the 18th-20th centuries.

What else to visit in the Zhytomyr region: Slovechansko-Ovruch Ridge, In Ovruch, photograph the cells of the monastery at the Vasilyevsky Cathedral, Vcelka Falls

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