Vision Breakfast by Marysya Gorobets: how it was


November Vision Breakfast became especially warm, and the hospitable restaurant “STOP BARICADA” at the moment turned into a flower gallery. Happy Birthday congratulated the founder of VISION CLUB Marysyu Gorobets.

The presenter entered, literally, into the art and gastronomic space of restaurateur Dmitry Borisov at the bar in the company of the “person of the system” Lena Borisova.

At breakfast in the style of “only Ukrainian cuisine”, the CEO of the company (which has 48 restaurants in her collection) and her mother with many children (four children) made an inspiring vision talk on the harmonious coordinate system of her own life.

“In the first place, each of us must put ourselves. WIN WIN is the only effective life strategy. SYSTEM is not a cell, but the basis for my freedom. LOVE is a partnership, ”Mrs. Borisova says reasonably. She calmly responds to criticism, accepts responsibility for all her actions, lives ecologically (clean thoughts, a clean house, clean relationships), and her main mantra in life is “to live in love, for love and for the sake of love”.

Love is the fundamental “ingredient” of MGVC breakfasts and brunches. Therefore, it is symbolic that the atmosphere of elegant networking this time turned into a particularly warm meeting of long-known and loving friends.

Traditionally, the participants at the “Breakfast at Marysi” came out inspired and gifted with gifts: with cards from the Fizika sports club, books from the Future Education Center 3/7, certificates from the Kindergarten MO Kids, healthy cookies Cookietone, perfumes from Brocard Niche Bar and candles from Teplo Candle Shop.

The club team is already preparing for Christmas meetings and promises, as always, to surprise and inspire!