Letki - a village in the Brovarsky district of the Kiev region.

Sights and interesting places with Letki

Junker Barrow

Junker Kurgan - attraction with. Letki

On January 29 (according to a new style) in 1918 near Kruty in the Chernihiv region a battle took place between the UPR army in the person of Kiev cadets and the army of Bolshevik Russia under the command of Muravyov. After the battle, which ended in the defeat of the UNR, a small detachment of 24 cadets of the Kiev military school named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky retreated in the direction of Kiev. By rail, they managed to get to Bobrik station, and then had to move on foot. On February 3, junkers went through the village of Semipolki and the forest to the small village of Letki on the Desna. There they were sheltered by local residents, but already at dawn Muravyov’s detachments entered the village and the cadets entered another unequal battle. In this battle 20 junkers died, the Bolsheviks executed 4 more prisoners.

It was impossible to talk about this story in the days of the USSR, and only after almost 100 years after the tragedy, the grave of the heroically killed soldiers of the UPR was marked on the ground and put in order.

Lubicz river and island bridge

The bridge over the Lyubich river in with. Letki

Not far from the village of Krekhaev, in the Chernihiv region, from the Desna River, a small branch branches out (the Rat River) and stretches right up to the village of Letki (there it is already called - the Lyubich River). Thus, between Krekhayev and Letki, between the rivers Desna and Lubich (well, let it be Rat) a kind of island was formed. There is no automobile communication, as well as a pedestrian bridge, with the island, therefore it is usually not crowded there. In the early 2000s in the village. Letki Ukrainian military built a small, but full-fledged automobile bridge, on which it was easy and simple to call on this stretch of nature untouched by people near the Desna River. Alas, over time the bridge fell into disrepair.

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