Shapovalovka is worth visiting only for the sake of its only attraction - the battlefield of Konotop.

Battlefield of Konotop

After the death of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Ukraine, a period has come that is called Ruin. Part of the Cossack elite gravitated towards Russia, another part led by the hetman Vygovsky - to Poland. Russia did not want to look at it calmly and, taking the opportunity, sent its troops to Ukraine to establish its own rules. But near Konotop in the summer of 1659 the Russian army suffered a crushing defeat from the combined forces of the Cossacks, Tatars and Poles.

Under the Soviet regime, the Russian-Ukrainian war was not even remembered, and historians made this event more famous in independent Ukraine. The chapel on the battlefield of Konotop was erected in 2008. A monument “in honor of the 350th anniversary of the glorious victory of the troops of Ivan Vygovsky in the Battle of Konotop” was also erected nearby.

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