Buki is a village in the Skvirsky district of the Kiev region. Sometimes he is confused with other Bukami , located near the canyon on the river. Mountain Tikich in Cherkasy. No, these are other beeches. But also very interesting.

Attractions s. Beeches

A family of local entrepreneurs involved in agribusiness has turned an abandoned pioneer camp into a kind of landscape park. Despite the fact that their residence is located here, access is open for polite tourists - you can stroll around local attractions and places of interest.

A peculiar landscape park - a tourist attraction with. Beeches

An interesting bridge was invented (or a dam?), On which cars pass to the house. Water flows through the dam, and cars passing through it wash their wheels in it. Ramps are made for people on the sides so as not to get their feet wet.

An interesting place in Buki - a dam across the river

Water drains from the dam, forming a kind of waterfall. Firstly, it is beautiful. Secondly - it brings freshness to the air, which makes a summer walk through the sights of Buki even more enjoyable.

Man-made waterfalls in Buki

There is not one waterfall here, their whole cascade. And here there is a pond in which fish are bred.

Pond next to the estate

An interesting sculpture on the shore is a toad with coins, according to legend, bringing material prosperity. Well, how is a toad? ... A huge such a frog. If the prince kisses her, then she may turn into a princess. The prince has not yet been found, the toad still stands as a toad on the shore of the pond.

Local Attraction - Bronze Toad

A little further, you can see another remarkable attraction in the village. Buki is a modern Orthodox church.

Orthodox church in with. Buki Kiev region

I do not consider myself an authority in architecture, but to me both the temple and the bell tower seem very beautiful.

Temple and bell tower

In Buki there are also other attractions that did not fall into our review: a mini zoo. a fountain from the Independence Square from Kiev, as well as, according to some reports, the ancient settlement and the Old Russian burial ground, a stone Polovtsian idol, and a 1848 mill. But they did not get into our review, while they are still waiting for their time.

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