Christmas Miracle: Five Fairs to Visit


Europe is already preparing to celebrate the winter holidays: it is decorated with garlands of shop windows, a Christmas tree appears in the center of the city, fairs with fabulous souvenirs open, and the scent of cinnamon and spiced mulled wine appears in the air. What fairs are worth visiting in Europe?


Germany is called the birthplace of Christmas markets. It was here that the first market was opened, the first mulled wine was brewed, and the cities fought for the right to open Christmas markets. In the Christmas season, almost every village and city in Germany acquires its own version of the holiday market. Favorite places for their installation are the squares in front of city halls, cathedrals and central markets.


A true Christmas tale reigns at the Vienna Fair. Here you can see Bethlehem sketches, purchase various souvenirs and taste the famous goodies. Be sure to try the roasted chestnuts and hot apple punch.

Czech Republic

Prague's largest Christmas markets are held in the center on Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. They open from the first days of December and work daily, even on holidays. Around the square is the smell of cinnamon trifolica. These are cylindrical buns cooked over an open fire and sprinkled with crushed nuts and cinnamon. Trdlo need to eat hot!


Every year in early December, the city squares of Finland turn into small fairytale kingdoms - Santa Claus residences open there, cozy houses grow, where dwarves in pointed caps cook mulled wine, and, of course, holiday lights are lit on Christmas trees.


The festive fair in Budapest opens in December and takes place on Vereshmarti Square, which, incidentally, only opened after reconstruction. Here you can find not only holiday shops where you can buy souvenirs, but also visit various events and concerts.

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