South of Ukraine

Sights of the South of Ukraine

Sights of Crimea

On the Crimean peninsula, a huge number of antique, medieval and younger unique monuments of cave and land urban planning have been preserved. Religious architecture consists of numerous temples of various faiths, and secular architecture includes palaces with different styles, magnificent parks, manor and country houses of the 19th-21st centuries.

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Nikolaevkskaya area

In Nikolayevshchina such sights and interesting places as a few Orthodox and Catholic religious buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries were preserved. The public architecture of the region is administrative and residential buildings, facilities of educational institutions and quite a lot of monuments of the last two centuries. Since the settlement of the Northern Black Sea by the Greeks in the VI century. BC e. the remains of one of the largest slave-owning city-states in the south of the country - Olbia.

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Odessa region

In Odessa, many Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic and Jewish religious buildings of the XIII-XX centuries have survived. Here you can find unique unique defense (XIII-XV centuries.) And palace (XIX century.) Architectural complexes, which are complemented by secular monuments (mansions, theaters, buildings of educational and medical institutions, administrative buildings, etc.) and monuments of two last centuries.
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Kherson region

In the Kherson region, a few Orthodox religious buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries, administrative and public buildings, mansions and manor buildings, numerous historical monuments of the USSR were preserved.

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