DNA of happiness: an exhibition of silk paintings by Olga Dvoryanskaya


From December 3 to 9, 2019, for the first time, a personal exhibition of Olga Dvoryanskaya’s silk scarf paintings, designer-artist, founder of the brand of copyright silk accessories D.OLYA, founded in 2015, will be presented for the first time. The exhibition will be held at the Spivakovska ART gallery: EGO gallery.

The HAPPINESS DNA collection includes 8 paintings dedicated to the search for happiness, love, the philosophy of birth and the infinity of energy. The number “8” was not chosen for a reason - it is dedicated to the cyclical start of the gratitude process, which gives us a sense of happiness. Part of the proceeds will be given to charity. Pictures 1m by 1m are framed and factory-printed on natural silk.

Each picture is a separate story, which is combined with the personal story of the heroines invited to the project. The exhibition also features a photo project and a mini-film with the participation of 8 heroines who shared a sincere story from their lives.

The goal that the artist has set for herself is to energize many of us, to encourage the reappraisal of the values ​​and quality of thoughts, to support those who find themselves in a difficult situation, and to show how strong and able we can overcome circumstances at the expense of personal resources.

“This project originated 2 years ago, but it was not time to see. I searched for signs, meanings and symbols in order to finally add a picture. After all, D.OLYA is not just shawls, it is a charm filled with symbols and bringing good luck to its owner. Acquaintance with the stories and the strength of these women helped put the long-awaited puzzle into the DNA project of HAPPINESS. The paintings became canvases with an encrypted message, which translates the feelings, desires, impressions of me, as an artist, through a drawing, ”Olga Dvoryanskaya shares her feelings.

The very process of creating collectible shawls is quite laborious and time consuming. Prints were developed by the artist during the year, various techniques of traditional and digital drawing were used. The ornament was collected using a Wacom graphics tablet.

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