2020 Travel Trends: The Most Popular Traveler Requests


While you decide where to go and fill out the labels on the travel map, travel experts analyze your needs and desires of users from around the world and track the main travel trends of 2020.

Vegan travel

Vegan Travel - tours that are especially popular among travelers. So far, a single format for such trips does not exist, but like-minded people meet in vegan trips and go to themed gastro tours without meat.


Greta Tunberg made a lot of efforts to finally think about nature and the trail. In addition, the UN submitted an annual report from the World Meteorological Organization, which indicates that the situation is getting worse and worse every year. In 2019, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the air reached a record high. Therefore, travelers prefer ecological travel: they refuse to travel by plane, choose hotels with an eco-concept, and use farm products.

Cash free

More and more tourists prefer to travel without cash. Therefore, in many hotels and institutions enter the signs "Cards only".

VR Travel

Technology runs faster than we can imagine: today you can book a hotel, after having studied the room using VR. With the help of virtual reality, you can choose a rental car, examine in detail the beach on which you want to spend time on your vacation, you can even see what animals you see on a safari tour.

Slow travel

Those who live in the active rhythm of a metropolis choose an unhurried vacation. Retreats, grocery shopping in local markets, unplanned cycling routes, and a picnic in a local park are all about enjoyment.

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