Once it was a village located near Kanev on a high hill above the Dnieper. The village is almost no more and now Trakhtemirov is a regional landscape park on the right bank of the Dnieper, a kind of cape crashed into the waters of the modern Kanevsky reservoir. A very picturesque and interesting place in the Cherkasy region.

Cossack era

In the 16th century in Trakhtemirov there was a whole Cossack residence with a castle, a monastery, and any associated infrastructure. To this day, nothing has come of all of the above. As if it weren’t.

Only from time to time graves with stone crosses and ancient inscriptions recall the Cossack past of Trakhtemirov.

But even these monuments, for the most part, date back to later times - the 19th century.

Cottage Bakaya

At one time, the beautiful landscapes of Trakhtemirova were chosen as a place for relaxation by the odious politician of the time of Yanukovych - Igor Bakay. He built himself a country house here. It was possible to fly by helicopter to rest (and, seemingly, hunting) - a special platform was equipped.

The passage (passage) for “cross-sectional” citizens was closed, even local residents were allowed to go home on passes. This was written in the media, but the situation remained unchanged for many years.

After Euromaidan in 2014, the house burned down. And it was burned either by local residents, or by the owner himself. So do not get to anyone! (from). And now, on the site of a hunting lodge in Trakhtemirov, you can see only the foundation with chimneys sticking out of it.

If you wander around, you can try to imagine how picturesquely everything was arranged before the destruction. But little has been preserved. Here are the remains of the stairs that led to the water.

Below is a semi-ruined obscure pavilion. Perhaps tables were laid here for a large company.

There is also a gazebo with an almost surviving stone barbecue. Beautiful views of the Dnieper open from this place.


And in Trakhtemirov there is an unofficial local owner - an artist who has moved from the capital to one of the few remaining huts. The house is decorated with drawings based on Tripoli ornaments.

A lot has been written about the owner on the Internet - he knows everything like the back of his hand and can conduct a tour. And in the house itself is equipped with a wonderful museum. But we already walked up, and did not want to look for anyone today. It’s necessary to leave some interesting things for the next visit.

What remains behind the scenes

If you go further, you could walk to a local attraction - a hill 220. A walkway 3 km long leads to it, but we left it “next time”

How can I get to

Before leaving for Trakhtemirov, we googled a little and found out that you can call in from the direction of Buchak Lake (Grigorovka) or from the direction of Maly Bukrin. We drove through Maly Bukrin - the map shows a full road. Alas, just before the trachetemir road was blocked by a barrier on the castle. I had to leave the car and climb everything there on foot. The keys to the barrier were controlled by the local beekeeper - his beehives are on the helipad.

But later we saw an open dirt road to the right of the barrier, on which not every pusoterka will pass, but any SUV will overcome it without problems.

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