Red Kut

The ink did not have time to dry on the Bereznevy statutes regulating the relationship between the Cossack state and the Moscow kingdom after their unification in 1954 in Pereyaslav, as the new hetman of Ukraine - Ivan Vygovsky - signed a new agreement on unification with Poland. It happened on September 16, 1958, near Gadyach, where at one time the hetman's residence was located.

Chervony Kut - the place of signing of the Gadyach Agreements

Chervony Kut - a small village in the Gadyachsky district (just over 100 inhabitants) - is interesting for tourists because here is the place of signing of the Gadyachsky lands . But this is not accurate (s).

That is, the famous historical agreements on the entry of Ukraine by the third subject of the Polish-Lithuanian-Russian Federation were signed somewhere around here, and in honor of this event, a peculiar memorial sign was erected in Chervon Kut and a unique recreation area with tables and benches in covered houses was equipped, where you can sit, eat, have a drink, discuss political issues, and even, perhaps, shed a tear on the “European integration” that failed 360 years ago ...

The fact is that the Gadyach Agreements did not receive significant development: the Poles believed that they were giving too much to the Ukrainians, and the Ukrainians (of course, rightly) believed that they were getting too little. And then Muscovites introduced troops. And, although near Konotop, Vygovsky’s army defeated the Muscovites, as a whole, according to the results of the war, the Ukrainian Cossacks remained part of Russia, and Ivan Vygovsky resigned.

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