Kozelshchina - a village in the Poltava region, the center of the Kozelshchinsky district.

Attractions in the village. Kozelshchina

In Kozelshchina we got by accident, passing through. On the map of the attractions of the Poltava region, such a settlement was indicated with the indication of the only attraction - the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Monastery. We stopped and visited.

The monastery was built in 1882 by the Kapnist family in honor of the recovery of their daughter from a serious illness near the chapel on their estate with the icon of the Mother of God Kozelshchina. They also built a hospital and a pharmacy nearby.

Later, in 1900-1906. the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin was built according to the project of V.N. Nosov.

Under Soviet rule, the monastery was closed; under fascist occupation, it was opened. After release, they again closed it, equipped a theater and a zootechnical school in it. But since 1990, the monastery has been operating again.

The monastery is located on a hill, fenced with a brick fence. In this case, entry by car is not prohibited. We took a couple of pictures of this attraction and went on.

After that, browsing the summer photos on the Internet, we thought that in the Kozelshchina one could have stayed a little longer. We probably would not have found other sights there, but we could have visited the monastery and the cathedral slowly.

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