Once in Gadyach Lesya Ukrainka was visiting her relatives - her mother was from there and subsequently built her own estate there. From Gadyach, Lesya wrote a letter to her Bukovinian friend Olga Kobylyanskaya, “There is a garn here, the horizon is wide ... It is advisable to swim and just do it with your hands if you can; I’m gonna read, roam, I’ll beat you up with Schuman and Chopin ... My sisters ... show you the whole outskirts, give me a glimpse of such a Ukraine as well, a Ukrainian dumb one. ” So we had the opportunity to look at a Ukraine that is no longer Ukrainian - on a cloudy November day we visited Gadyach.

The Green Grove tract (locals sometimes say Lesina Grove) is exactly the place where the estate of Elena Pchelka, the mother of Lesya Ukrainka, used to be. The estate was not preserved, there is only an information stand on which it is shown where what and how was located in the past.

There is also a modern Green Grove plan. In fact, this is a cozy rest park, descending to the river, and in which you can find memorial signs, a gazebo ...

stage, wooden wells and something else.

You can take a walk along the banks of the river, in fact, there is wildlife. But good.

Another interesting place for such a Ukraine, which is no longer to be found in Ukraine, is the burial place of the Jewish rabbi Shnur Zalman, the founder of Hasidism - Chabad.

Now there is a pilgrimage center for representatives of the Jewish nation, with a large hotel and even a helicopter landing pad.

What else to see in Gadyach? Once upon a time there was a hetman's palace on a high hill, but after the destruction of the Cossacks, the Russian tsarina ordered the construction of ... a prison in its place. True, under the Soviet regime, it was converted into a technical school.

This was told to us at the local museum of local history. I didn’t take any pictures there, but it’s worth visiting the museum and seeing the interesting exposition with my own eyes.

And in Gadyach there is an unusual memorial sign at the place where Dragomanov’s house was once (again - not preserved) two museums that we didn’t get on that day - the Hammer Museum and the Beekeeping Museum; and a rather large church in the center.

- But what about the Gadyachsk agreements? - the attentive reader will ask. - Really in Gadjach in no way designated such an interesting place where they were signed? There is such a place. But in fact, it is not located in the Viper itself, but nearby - in the village of Chervony Kut. There is a separate story about this place.

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