Chernihiv region

Chernihiv region ( Ukrainian - Chernigiv region ) is one of the largest in area and the most ancient regions of the country, formed in 1932. The history of the Chernihiv region is here , the geography of the Chernihiv region is here .

Sights of the Chernihiv region

In some cities of the region, Orthodox religious buildings of the times of Kievan Rus were preserved, and the architectural heritage of the XVII-XIX centuries. demonstrate various examples of religious and civil construction - Orthodox churches, palaces and estates with magnificent parks, office buildings and monuments.

  • Baturin - Many Restored Attractions
  • Voronki - the tomb of the Decembrists, a memorial stele, a museum.
  • Danevka - a monastery with the miraculous icon of the Virgin
  • Dedovtsy - Museum-Estate of N. Kostomarov
  • Kachanivka - a beautiful landowner estate
  • Kozelec - ancient temples and buildings
  • Lemeshi - family estate of Razumovsky
  • Lubech - caves of St. Anthony, hetman's stone
  • Makoshino - Old Russian settlement and r. Gum
  • Mezin - Paleolithic site of ancient people
  • Pit - partisan cemetery
  • Nizhyn - temples, a post station, unusual monuments
  • Novgorod-Seversky - ancient monastery and other interesting places
  • Osich - St. Nicholas Krupitsky Monastery
  • New Bulls - Orthodox church of the Assumption, etc.
  • Oster - historical and natural attractions
  • Sands - the house-museum of Pavel Tychyna, the museum of partisan glory
  • Priluki - many historical sights
  • Sednev - several diverse sights
  • Slavutich - an interesting urban area
  • Sokirintsy - a beautiful old palace
  • Trostyanets - a large old Arboretum
  • Chemer - the estate of the landowners Pashkovsky.
  • Chernihiv - the administrative center of the region

Sights of the Chernihiv region by region

Something special

  • Slavutich - geographically located in the Chernihiv region, although administratively subordinate to Kiev

Source: a large guide Sights of the Chernihiv region

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