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Donetsk region is one of the oldest regions of Eastern Ukraine, formed in 1932.

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An interesting natural attraction of the Donetsk region is the 100-meter chalk cliffs near the village of Belokuzminovka. This is something completely unusual and bewitching, at the same time reminiscent of the untouched nature and Gothic architecture.

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Interesting natural attractions of the Donetsk region

The Ukrainian steppe nature reserve consists of branches scattered over a considerable distance from each other in eastern Ukraine. Its special value lies in its complexity, when each of the branches reproduces a different type of steppe landscapes. Pieces of small protected steppe plots are relics of the boundless wormwood steppes of the Left-Bank Ukraine, which stretched several centuries ago hundreds of kilometers north of the Black and Azov Seas. From south to north, the reserve branches form a steppe geographic series, where there are 14 species of feather grass - the richest collection in the world.

The central branch of the reserve is the branch “Khomutovskaya Steppe” (area 10.28 km “) - the feather grass sea two dozen kilometers from the shore of Azov. In the upper reaches of the Karatysh River there is a unique section of the Stone Graves branch - a miniature “mountain country” with an area of ​​4.04 km2. its uniqueness is determined by two granite strands of the Azov Upland and the associated vegetation and wildlife. On the banks of the Seversky Donets there are protected areas of the Cretaceous Flora branch (11.34 km2 in area), perhaps not the only significant piece of vegetation on the Cretaceous rocks in the country.

There are still many natural sights in the Donetsk region, among which the most famous is the Meotida regional landscape park, which preserves the magical Azov shell-sand beaches, and the Kleban-Byk landscape park, where unique geological detachments are combined, the Krivoy Torets river and picturesque dammed landscapes.

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