Crimea ( Ukrainian - Krim ) is the southernmost region of Ukraine, which has been under Russian control since March 2014. The history of Crimea is here , the geography of Crimea is here .

Sights of Crimea

On the Crimean peninsula, a huge number of antique, medieval and younger unique monuments of cave and land urban planning have been preserved. Religious architecture is the numerous churches of different faiths, and secular - multi-style palaces with magnificent parks, manor and country houses of the XIX-XXI centuries.

  • Alupka - the famous Vorontsov Palace
  • Alushta - the remains of Aluston fortress, several museums

Balaklava - a sight of Crimea

Balaclava is an interesting meto in Crimea. There are such attractions as the ruins of the ancient fortress of Chembalo, an underground secret factory for the repair of submarines, the parking of luxury yachts and other interesting things.

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Bakhchisaray - a sight of Crimea

Bakhchisaray is the former capital of the Crimean Khanate. Sights of Crimea in Bakhchisarai: Khan's palace, cave Chufut-Kalegorod, Assumption Monastery in the rock and others.

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  • Bondarenkovo - mud volcanoes in Crimea
  • Gaspra - the famous Swallow's Nest and other attractions
  • Gurzuf - the oldest beautiful park in Crimea
  • Evpatoria - many interesting places
  • Kerch - an ancient city with unique ancient sights

Koktebel - an interesting place in the Crimea

Koktebel is a cute resort town with a lot to see. Koktebel winery will treat with its products and also invite you for a sightseeing tour. In Kokteble, you will also find such attractions of the Crimea as the Kara-Dag massif, dolphinarium, water park, Voloshin Museum, Klimentyev Mountain, etc.

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A bright attraction of the resort town of Simeiz in Crimea is Mount Cat, resembling a sleeping animal in outline.

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  • Simferopol - attractions of the capital of Crimea
  • Sevastopol - a glorious city, a sea of ​​attractions
  • Sudak - the ancient fortress of the Genoese
  • Old Crimea - many diverse sights
  • Theodosius - the remains of the ancient Kafa - fortress and slave market
  • Yalta - the most resort and most expensive of the cities of Crimea

Natural sights of Crimea

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