The village of Mezin in the Chernihiv region is known throughout the world for the fact that there was discovered a Paleolithic site of ancient people. Even those who hunted mammoths wore clothes from animal skins and built housing from their huge bones.

First of all, it is worth going here to visit the local archaeological museum.

In the courtyard near the museum under a transparent glass cover you can see the pit - a deep hole that archaeologists dig when they want to get to the bottom of something interesting.

Regarding the exposition dedicated specifically to the Paleolithic site, mainly, unfortunately, not original finds, but copies, models and drawings were exhibited as exhibits.

The original artifacts are stored either in more important museums - in St. Petersburg, Kiev, or in secret private collections, so the Mezin Museum has repeatedly ... robbed :-(.

As for later times, for example, the war with the Swedes, then this is already better.

Also a lot of attention in the archaeological museum is given to the Mezinsky National Park. Park is the topic of a separate whole article. In the meantime, get acquainted with the immediate surroundings of Mezin. Here's a local attraction - an operating ferry across the Desna.

And here is the old 500-year-old Mazepa Oak, a witness of the Northern War.

This is just a quick introduction to interesting places and sights of Mezin. In fact, Mezin is a very interesting place in the Chernihiv region, recommended for visiting. One minus Mezin - remoteness from major cities and not very well-developed transport links. Although, maybe this is just a plus :-).

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