Miklouho-Maclay Museum

Historical and Cultural Center "Sails of Miklouho-Maclay". Doubtful from the point of view of architectural value, the building includes not only what was so lacking in the tourist Baturin - a hotel and restaurant - but also a new museum dedicated to the traveler Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay.

What is the connection with Baturin? It can be said, somewhat “strained”, through the personality of the hetman Kirill Razumovsky, whose residence was in Baturin. For example, Count Naryshkin, a relative of the hetman’s wife Kirill Razumovsky, financed the expedition of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay.

Yes, and the great-grandson of Hetman Razumovsky, Count Alexei Tolstoy, constantly helped the Miklukh family, for example, helped to write a travel passport to travel abroad Nikolai Miklukh, changing his last name to Miklukho-Maklai. But nonetheless. Another museum in Baturin is a good thing.

It can be seen that the founders of the museum tried to do something worthy. Although there are not many ancient and authentic exhibits, but a rather large exhibition includes information boards dedicated to the personality of Miklouho-Maclay himself and his surroundings, some halls are decorated in the style of objects that the famous traveler dealt with - for example, the cinema is made in the form of a ship and the other room is a native hut.

In general, the museum leaves a good impression and can be recommended for visiting.

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