Rusanov is a village in the Brovarsky district of the Kiev region.

Sights of Rusanov

In the village of Rusanov, you can see the following sights: the ancient Russian settlement, a mini-zoo, a Cossack farm.

Mini zoo

At the exit from Rusanov towards Priluk, near the highway, on the edge of the forest, there is a certain organization, possibly a branch of the Ukrainian Association of Hunters and Fishermen. But for us, as vagrant travelers, another place is more interesting - an improvised mini-zoo at this very organization.

We note right away that the zoo is very mini, but at the same time here, anyway, you can look at many unusual animals, both domestic and wild. It’s completely free. Well, for the sake of decency, it is enough to take coffee and ice cream at a kiosk.

For example, there are hares and rabbits, raccoons, otters, peacocks, geese, deer, donkey. True, the composition of the inhabitants of the zoo is constantly changing, so by your arrival there may well already be other residents.

Also on the territory among the pines there is a children's slide and a swing.

The place is quite pleasant for an unhurried vacation with a small child, he should like local animals and swings. There is also a cafe.

Old Russian settlement

On the southeastern outskirts of the village of Rusanov, you can find and explore another local attraction - the well-preserved ancient Russian settlement. Its round platform in terms of markedly stands out from the surrounding flat terrain.

Rusanovskoe settlement is located near the Trubezh River, the left tributary of the Dnieper. It is an element of a network of ancient settlements, built around 988 by the Russian prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich at the borders of his lands, along the Trubezh and other rivers. This chain of fortifications was intended to protect the distant approaches to Kiev from attacks by various villains.

The ancient settlement is an archaeological site, as evidenced by the established corresponding sign. But at the same time, alas, this Rusanovo attraction is constantly suffering from raids by already modern villains - black archaeologists ...

The third attraction of Rusanov - the Cossack farm - has so far remained behind the scenes.

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