Eristovsky GOK

The outskirts of Horishni Plavni (formerly Komsomolsk). Man-made mountains are visible on the horizon - dumps of either ore or slag. This is a mining and processing enterprise. Yeristovsky GOK.

Here the rock is blasted, crushed, and then pieces rich in iron are extracted with magnets. The rest is waste.

Ore is transported on special "technological roads" by BelAZ trucks - special huge mining trucks. We cross one of these roads.

We give way, even the “STOP” sign is. And even if it weren’t, try not to give in. From behind the rear wheel of BelAZ, a minibus peeps out - a gazelle.

A special tow truck lifted the front of Belaz and was pulling it somewhere. Wrong parking, probably :-).

Beyond the slightest doubt, Yeristovsky GOK is one of the most interesting places in the Poltava region. Where else would you see this?

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