Great Bagachka

The Great Bagachka is located on the banks of the Psel River. If you go from the side of Reshelilovka or Yaresek, then the first interesting place of the Great Bagachka, which catches your eye, will be a dam bridge with lifting mechanisms.

And on the opposite side over the Great Bagachka hills rise. One of them is called the Barrow of Sorrows, a full asphalt road leads to it. On the Mound of Sorrow is a monument to the famine.

From this place a panoramic view of the Great Bagachka opens.

Nearby, a little lower on the highway towards Velikaya Bagachka, there is another local attraction - Cossack Stone. He was specially delivered in a boat from Khortitsa to perpetuate the memory of local Cossacks.

Closer to the center of Velikaya Bagachka you can find a monument to a well-known celebrity - Kobzar Kushnarik. He is at the music school.

And another attraction of the Great Bagachka is the 750-year-old oak.

In the center of Velikaya Bagachka there are several places where you can eat. Institutions without any complaints, but you will not stay hungry.

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