It so happened that we got to a sightseeing tour of the sights of Kremenchug in early March, the weather was “not very” - overcast, it was raining, it was damp and cold. But this did not stop to explore the main interesting places of Kremenchug. First of all, we went to the river station - it is here that all the most interesting in the city is concentrated.

It is here that an interesting attraction of Kremenchug is located - a rock on the banks of the Dnieper, on which high flood levels have been noted since the 19th century.

The building on the waterfront, in shape resembles a hydrofoil ship, but with the sign "Privatbank" is a river station. Interesting building.

But no ships were seen at the river station. Except that one.

But in the public garden nearby was Puss in Boots ...

Cheburashka with a crocodile Gena ...

Snow White with the Dwarves and a few other similar fairy-tale characters.

And Taras, with a doomed expression on his face, suffers bad weather and birds treading their heads.

We could not find other interesting places in Kremenchug. We have nothing more to do here. We are going further.

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